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18/12/2015 | Timber and Steel: Gareth Hugh Evans’ Top 25 Tracks of 2015
“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Nick Payne workshopping his convict folk song at jam sessions and festivals over the past 18 months and what he’s managed to capture on tape is pretty bang on what you’ll get live. I love the old time feel of this track and the fine group of musicians he’s managed to amass to accompany him (including many members of his band Dear Orphans) elevate the song to another level. I love the ‘behind the music’ style of the video as well – very nice.”
13/04/2015 | Spreading The Seed: #Q&A with Songwriter Nick Payne
“That was the moment where I gave myself permission to like country music and from there I followed all the influences I could down the line all the way back to Hank Williams and Ralph Stanley. The rest is history – as they say.”
27/11/2014 | Unpaved: Interview and new music, Nick Payne on Old Sydney Town
“I’m pretty passionate about our country and folk who can capture it’s essence in song. I get inspired to write by a sense of place and time. I often find myself visiting places in Australia and wondering, ‘what would life have been like’ for someone who lived there. I like to soak myself in the history, but then imagine it from a totally ordinary person’s point of view.”


High-resolution, print-ready photos.


Nick Payne – Portrait #1
Nick Payne – Portrait #1 (200kB)


Album artwork

High-resolution, album and single artwork.

Rise Up Like A River
Rise Up Like A River (290kB)
My Darling Kate
My Darling Kate (479kB)
Rising River
Rising River (310kB)
Old Sydney Town
Old Sydney Town (140kB)

Download music

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The third single from Nick’s album – My Darling Kate

Download My Darling Kate

The second single from Nick’s upcoming solo album – Rising River.

Download Rising River

The first single from Nick’s upcoming solo album – Old Sydney Town.

Download Old Sydney Town

Rain is the first song ever recorded by Dear Orphans and features Lyn Taylor on lead vocals.

Download Rain


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9/04/2015 | New Music: Nick Payne “Old Sydney Town”